Biofeedback is a frequency based form of Energy Medicine that scans the body's energy signature. It analyzes the information and identifies the underlying "stressors" creating the energetic imbalances within the energy field of the patients body. By using audible tones and electromagnetic frequencies to bring the body back into balance, it then compares the success of the treatment against the optimal.

                                         Genius App

The new Genius App is a cutting edge technology for Complete Health Analysis.  It will discover your blockages and return you to balance using Supportive Sound and Electro Magnetic Therapies.  It will strngthen your body and immune system for a complete Mind, Body & Energy Field experience.  

This easy to use program also comes in a home version for your iphone, ipad, or tablet.

For more information on the Genius App, ask Dr Doug or go to this website.

DaVinci Screen



                                iLife iNfinity App

iLife iNfinity is one of the best biofeedback apps and has been healing people for many years.  It is a non-invasive device that provides information not readily accessible with other modalities.  It reads the emotions, toxicities, sensitvities, brain waves, body systems, meridians and much more.